BMW F800 GS & The Doctors Office

Wowy wow wow! I’m back after a LONNNNG Winter break and this time I’m on my new (to me) 2013 BMW F800 GS and I couldn’t be happier. I picked this bike up around October of 2014 and before the Winter hit I was able to put on around 1500 miles. I’ll probably do a different video about the bike with some more details on accessories, mileage, etc, etc. For now here’s the latest video!

After I posted the video on the Always Broke YouTube channel someone asked if I was going to take it trail riding. This is a totally legit question. A lot of people will buy nice adventure bikes and they are total pavement princess bikes and will never see a spec of dirt. I am not that way. Within’ a few hours of driving away from the local BMW shop I was on some dirt road that I had never been on.

A few weeks later the wife and I were off road and getting into some mud. This mud wasn’t like the normal mud I’m used to that has some traction. No, this was clay mud and holy hell it was SLICK. Combine that with a fairly heavy bike I wasn’t totally used to and I was a sunk. Had to let her flop over and take a quick nap. Here’s a few photos from that fun adventure.


Bikes: Suzuki DR650 aka Suzy & BMW F800GS aka Sophie

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